Become a Trainer

Being professionally licensed (Official SAMI Instructors) by Peter Weckauf means you will have the proper training and tools to sustain your own group and it will establish you among the highest-quality trainers.

Our SAMI trainer program applies to

  • SAMI Panantukan Concept
  • SAMI Knife Fighting Concept
  • SAMI Axe Fighting Concept
  • SAMI Firearm Concept
  • Krav Maga Concept
  • Security Krav Maga
  • SDS Concept

Our instructor training consists of the practical knowledge from our long standing courses, seminars and workshops both at home and abroad. The high quality of our training sessions is of utmost importance. Participants learn how to conduct successful courses, seminars, trainings camps and continuing education for their students. Highly qualified instructors are in great demand and stand a good chance to lead successful trainings.

We offer special trainings camps to learn our systems. The intensive seminars are the core part of our training academy. If you want to become an instructor, then you will have to take part in an intensive trainings camp sooner or later. The course offers an excellent possibility to train and will be demanding and challenging for every participant.

The program follows an elaborate curriculum at the highest professional level. The training consists of developing technical skills, same as tactics, attitude and of course the principles and techniques of our systems.

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The Steps to Become a Trainer

Step 1 / Study Group Leader

The duration of the instructor training varies from person to person. If participants are fast learners and can implement principles and programs quickly, they might be able to proceed more rapidly than others. Study Group Leaders must also have the ability to convey key points of the concepts to practitioners. For the first instructor level (Study Group Leader) participants must have completed the first two student level exams.

Afterwards the participant can independently build their own training group or teach in their school.

Note: Practice each of the online video lessons until you are confident you can explain each one and perform them all skillfully.

Step 2 / Basic Instructor

The success of our work depends on the quality of our teaching. Students, clients and Trainers deserve the assurance that our SAMI instructors are 100% prepared to ensure meet that standard.

For the basic instructor level, participants must have completed the first three student level exams.

Step 3 / Degree

After completing the practical exam of the basic instructor you are officially certified to teach our systems.

Instructor Levels are:

  • Associate Instructor
  • Advanced Instructor
  • Full Instructor
  • Master Instructor

The Online Distance Training for Instructors!

Video clips alone cannot teach you how to become a good instructor. But you can use them to prepare for intensive seminars or watch them to remember details and techniques that you have already learned in a course.

SAMI Distance Training is for people who cannot regularly attend seminars at SAMI Academy in order to prepare for instructor courses and level exams. This training tool allows you to study the techniques, methods, concepts and principles of the respective level and practice them with your sparring partner in any gym.

If you have mastered all techniques and principles, you can take the exam with a certified SAMI instructor. We strongly recommend personally attending at least one instructor course. The Distance Training cannot substitute training sessions with a certified instructor! The exam must be taken with an authorized SAMI instructor. There are no online exams.

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